Stunning Facts About Betta Fish You Didn’t Know

Stunning Facts About Betta Fish You Didn’t Know

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The Betta Fish is apparently the next most popular fish of any aquarium fish, and its popularity is slightly lower than Goldfish. The beauty, long fins, and the relatively easy care of this fish are a favorite. Here are some stunning facts you didn’t know about this pretty fish.

Betta Fish Is Pretty

The male beta is heavily coloured, while the females are mostly less colourful. Some of the reasons for their success are their beautiful colors and floating delicate fins, and their low purchasing price helps (usually more than a couple of US dollars).

red betta fish

Mistreated at Pet Stores

Because betta was so easy to sell, however, it led to certain unfortunate conditions that they were maintained while waiting to be sold. It’s disgraceful to see how in many chains of animal shops, often in filthy, uncommon water, if ever, they are held in small pots or tiny cups.

Male bettas build a bubble nest on the surface during the betta fish breeding and attract a woman to it. Once a pair has come together, they participate in an elaborate ceremony of courtesy.

Betta Fish Are Very Aggressive

It is known by its behavior towards other male species as the Siamese Fighting Fish. Two or more males can not be kept in the same tank. They’re going to fight until more than one man is in the same tank until only one of them stays. They will flare up their gill and build up their fins, demonstrating their fighting stance to the other fish. It is a natural reaction to protect your territory or your eggs from rivals. It is why they are often contained in the store in small tanks.

Test Bettas Behavior

It is possible to see this flaring behavior without adding a second male. One way, the male can see its reflection by using a small hand mirror and placing it against the glass in the tank. The male will misjudge as another male and then display the fighting position. Too often, this may lead to an overstressed fish.

You can get small tanks with separators that can hold two in the same tank. They will live a long time in these little ponds, many hold them in a small fish tank. In the 10 gallon aquarium or in the bigger aquarium with a heater that can maintain a constant temperature in the aquarium, you will achieve the best in colors and the most optimal in health for your fish.

Kept in Small Tanks

You often see hobbyists keeping bettas in small tanks, bottles, or bowls. We don’t want this to happen to your fish! Such small tanks are on show in the shop, and probably just next to the small cups. But don’t be fooled! At least several gallons of water are required, including a filter and heater. The water volume is too low, they have no heaters or filters, and in general, they are no better than the small bowls kept in stores waiting to be sold.

Build A Bubble Nest to Breed

Male bettas build a bubble nest on the surface during the betta fish breeding and attract a woman to it. Once a pair has come together, they participate in an elaborate ceremony of courtesy. The man recovers and deposits the female in the nest as soon as the woman starts to put eggs. Then the woman is pursued, and the nest is guarded until it’s eggs.

Batta Fish Courting
Male Betta Build a Bubble Nest For Breeding

Very Cheap to Find and Buy

If you want one to buy the prices on bettas, you can get some big, in particular for show quality. They are usually around $20 to $50 at your online fish store. (like

Good Friends

Bettas recognize their fellow human friends, follow your finger around the waterfall, and are even able to train for tricks! Betta fish live on average between 3 and 5 years, but in rare cases can reach the age of 8 or 9 in captivity.

Whether you are just beginning with fish care or an enthusiastic hobbyist, betta fish make pets suitable for people of every age!

Battas Eat Meat ( CARNIVORES)

Bettas consume meat, and they eat meat. These are commonly fed freezing-dried bloodworms, which can be stored in any pet store. In the wild, betta fish eats like crickets, blossoms, crabs, or even grass-bushes on bloodworms.

Male Bettas Are Larger Than Females

Usually, male Bettas are more prominent than females and reveal lighter colors and more adorned finnage. As a consequence, the overwhelming majority are male Battas. The tiny, visually less appealing females are commonly available in animal shops, but typically those who buy them do so because they want to breed them.

Bettas Can Live Outside of Water

Bettas are anabantoids. Anabantoids have a unique organ that enables them to breathe air. It is crucial for survival in environments that are often too toxic or otherwise low to sustain normal underwater breathing alone. It means that bettas can live for several hours outside the water, although they must stay moist. The hobbyist who owns Bettas should not test this skill without endorsement.

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