The 7 Best Freshwater Frogs You Can Keep in a Koi Ponds.

The 7 Best Freshwater Frogs You Can Keep in a Koi Ponds.

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Koi ponds can be defined as gig swimming pools for Koi or big fish tanks built for recreational purposes, usually to add to the tranquility of a place. Koi ponds popularly incorporate fish, give rewarding features to a garden, and promote a beautiful sight or sound in your back garden.

Freshwater frogs can also be incorporated into your garden to bring out the feel of nature, especially in koi ponds. Though experts have strongly advised against the cohabiting of frogs and fish in koi ponds, if you wish to do so, you have to ensure that the ecosystem is safe for both of them.

One of the most common aims of incorporating freshwater frogs is to create a self-sustaining and balanced ecosystem that makes it conducive for other species to exist. In this article, I will highlight some freshwater frogs you can harmoniously incorporate into your koi pond. 

1. Bullfrogs

freshwater frogs - bullfrogs

Bullfrogs are bulky freshwater frogs which is one of the first choices to keep in a koi pond. Its bulkiness gives it an advantage over other frogs as they cannot easy prey. Bullfrogs primarily feed on snakes, mice, and insects and are known for their ferocious nature.

Bullfrogs can feed on insects, which can help maintain the pond’s safety and balance and provide entertainment through the sight they provide and sounds. The achievement of nature or ecosystem balance in your pond by freshwater frogs like the bullfrogs goes beyond just providing habitat but also as an example of how completeness in the ecosystem is achieved. The freshwater frogs and koi fish can exist harmoniously without many changes in their features or behaviors.

2. Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frogs and Koi can coexist in a pond together without much fuss. Pickerels are among the largest frogs, with their grown body reaching 4 – 5 inches. Pickerel frogs offer a healthy base for the existence of your pond, especially with the balance of the ecosystem. Freshwater frogs also offer a welcoming presence in a pond giving it a beautiful sight and, of course, the sounds from the frogs. They also offer the diversity of species in your pond which shows the balance created in your pond and how it can suit in effectively for your backyard. 

3. Wood Frog

Wood Frog

Wood frogs do not come as a threat to Koi at any time, and they remain active together with the fish in the pond, creating a suitable environment for coexisting. Wood freshwater frogs can only grow up to 3.25-4 inches and thus do not threaten Koi. The two share the same temperament too, which will help establish a harmonious relationship and, as a result, beautiful harmony.

It is also important for you to ensure that you do not keep Koi larger than 5 inches even though they may not attack the frogs. The wood frogs are also known for their night sounds and are popular to watch, and these characteristics make your pond even livelier and more beautiful. Their coexistence with the koi fish is also essential to creating the needed balance for the growth of your pond.

4. Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Leopard Frog

The Northern leopard frog grows up to 4.5 inches and is one of the freshwater frogs that can be suitable for your koi pond. The female northern leopard frogs are usually larger than their male and can harmoniously coexist with koi fish in your pond. as part of freshwater frogs, the northern leopard frog enjoys its time in the water as it is well built with powerful legs which it utilizes in streams and ponds to avoid being a meal to other predators.

The frog would do well in your koi pond and make it one of the most conducive places. With the koi present, the frogs would likely not interfere, promoting a harmonious cohabitation that will improve your garden.

5. The African Dwarf Frog

The African Dwarf Frog

These represent one of the rare freshwater frog types, which mostly spend their time in water and only come out to the surface when they need to breathe. These frogs can easily coexist with others by providing a safe space for Koi to exist without much interruption.

They also eat with their feet feeding mostly on dead bugs and insects compared to other frogs who mostly consume live food, thus creating a perfect ecosystem for your pond. Koi and the African Dwarf Frog make a very peaceful existence, making it a wonderful choice for you to start with. The two are considered one of the best tank mates through their peaceful and distinct existence, which may rarely cause any form of disturbance with each other. The conducive environment allows the blossoming of your space.

6. Columbia Spotted Frog

Columbia Spotted Frog

The Columbia spotted frog may also be another typical frog suitable for a koi pond. The Columbia spotted freshwater frog grows to approximately 3 inches, making it easy to interact with the koi fish harmoniously. Contrary to the belief that frogs are carnivorous, the Columbia spotted frogs often feed on algae while they are adults. These are some of the traits that may come in handy in creating a reasonable space for the existence of the Koi in your pond, giving your backyard an impressive touch of beauty.

7. Florida Bog Frog

Florida Bog Frog

This is one of the freshwater frog species that need more protection as they are more vulnerable to human activities. They are a suitable choice for your koi pond, especially if you are looking to put attentive care and support to the environment created.

The Florida bog frog commonly grows up to 1.5 to 1.75 inches, meaning they do not threaten the Koi, who can perfectly exist around them in this way. This frog is commonly found near bogs, thus its name, and spends most of its time hiding, especially due to the fear of interference from human activities. Thus, it being an option in the koi pond creates an opportunity for coexistence characterized by minimal interference and different species that do not fight for food.


It cannot be a restricted list. Most frogs are simple to keep and flourish with an apprentice proprietor committed to their care.

Fair be beyond any doubt. Create your choice is well-researched, and you’ve got the environment set up correctly.

If you fulfill these two accomplishments, you’ll likely discover any frog flourishes in your koi pond!

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